Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Killer Inside Me by Jim Thompson

I'm not sure if I liked The Killer Inside Me or not...I'm thinking more not. It was an interesting read though getting inside the head of a serial killer like that. Honestly, I'm glad it was fiction.

Lou Ford is an easy going, good natured Texas county deputy, so calm and even tempered that he talks down agitated drunks when he has to take them into custody. Or so he seems. What people don't see is the "sickness" that requires a different kind of victim and the inclination to violently kill when that victim becomes available...and of course, it does. And, as it does, we get to experience Lou's thoughts and feelings about the matter. His reasoning as to why the victims deserve to be killed. It's intriguing, and chilling, and a bit of train wreck that won't let you stop reading even though you're not sure you want to keep going.

Jim Thompson does a good job of getting the zeitgeist of it I think, even though the characters were a bit hard to relate to. I had to keep in mind that it was a little backwater town in nowhere Texas. Very different from the city, sock hop, Elvis, Happy Days 50's we are used to hearing about.

Speaking of Happy Days, I think I need to find a nice happy book to read...I'm just not sure I own any I haven't read.

The Killer Inside Me


Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Nice review. I still have not seen the movie. It is not playing anywhere around me.

Glenna said...

Thanks Sean. I haven't seen it either for the same reason. I'll probably catch it when it's on DVD.