Sunday, March 6, 2011

North Texas Irish Festival

This weekend was the annual North Texas Irish Festival, one of the few times in the year my possibly abnormal interest in that island across the pond seems almost normal, (the other time being the upcoming St. Patrick's day). Honestly, I just figure I'm half Irish and at times reserve the right to have some fun with it. So all that said, here's the day in pictures...mostly.

A bit of Irish stew. I'm not sure what made it "Irish", and am really hoping it wasn't that it came in a can from Ireland.

My husband in his "Slainte" hoodie, and my little sister in law with her new backpack and my son's mini cross bow.

A "steam punk" mannequin, I'm not sure why this qualifies as Irish, but it was interesting....and a bit scary really.

One of the many singing groups playing in the "Guinness pub and stage" tent. The stage looked pretty cool with the pub decorations. They had musicians, dancers and bands playing around every corner and I loved the fun atmosphere of it.

One of my favorite shirts in the offerings being sold.

My son on the huge escalator heading up from the train station. He was too lazy, or tired, to stand like the rest of us.

And, of course, after all of the walking around and shopping, we had to bring home a few things..My sister in law got a backpack and knife necklace, my son talked me into a crossbow, claiming it was meant to shoot Nerf darts, (he left out all of the other things he'd find to shoot with it). My husband bought a fun hat, and I couldn't resist getting the pictures. The photographers were there, and one in particular had a nice accent to help him sell pictures...I made sure and asked him plenty of questions.

It was a lovely day.


seana said...

Adding yet another dimension to your blog, I see.Very nice. I'm glad you elaborated a bit on the crossbow, though...It's nice to see some family photos.

I like that T shirt too. I am not sure that knife necklaces and crossbows are quintessentially Irish, but then, what do I know?

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Looks / sounds like you had a great time. You cetainly have shared some great adventures with us. The stew looks delicious and I really enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for sharing them!

Glenna said...

Seana, yes, being that I know my son, and he is a boy, you would have thought I would have realized he would have to try more than Nerf darts with it. I must have been distracted by all of my own shopping possibilities when I approved that one.

Glenna said...

Sean, thanks. Yes, the stew was good, in fact my son informed me it was better than mine...which is disturbing, if indeed, it did come out of a can.