Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Eulogizing Zoe seems like an impossible thing, and it's breaking my heart trying. Zoe came to us 7 years ago at the age of 3 from friends. She very quickly became "my dog", following me around as I did day to day chores or sitting by me as I read a book. When I started training her, she became even more mine as she taught me instant forgiveness since I often messed up. She was a dog a lot of people said would never make it through the junior test, she certainly proved them wrong now having not only a junior title but a senior title also. And one of my fondest memories of working with this wonderful dog will always be attempting our first master test. I was petrified. We went to the line though, and finished the first two series in the test. I've never been so proud. We didn't pass, but it took quite awhile for me to stop smiling over how far we got. The impossible had happened.

Now it's been 7 years, and countless hours with Zoe acting as my proverbial guinea pig as we learned how to play the hunting game together. Driving way before dawn, staying in hotels, throwing ducks in endless fields, ponds, mud, rain, cold, hot, laughter, tears. It's been a 7 years I will never forget thanks to her. She's given me her best, I'm going to miss her more than I can begin to say.

Zoe Kiana McWhirt SH 2/7/02-5/17/11


seana said...

Thanks for letting us in on this part of your life, Glenna. I have a friend who is going through the end days with her Golden Lab right now. She's brought Bodhi in with her to work many times, and we will all miss this Buddha dog, who we all suspect is a much more enlightened being than we are.

I am glad you and Zoe found each other.

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Glenna- That was such a good tribute, Zoe would be honored by it. She was lucky to have you and you her. Losing a beloved pet is so painful. I hope dealing with it gets easier as time goes by.

Glenna said...

Thanks guys. It's rough. She was a wonderful dog.