Friday, August 6, 2010

A couple days late, but none the was my birthday

Yes boys and girls, I am another year older...not that I'm normally willing to admit that. In my mind, I'm sticking with 30. I like 30, it's grown up but still young, and honestly, not far from the truth. Who needs to add the petty little single digits up every year anyway? Really though, as of August 4th, I supposedly grew up more. I had a good birthday this year too, that included gift cards to a bookstore, (because I don't buy near enough books...can you hear the sarcasm there?). Anyway, last night my husband and I, and my sister in law with her husband, went out to my favorite little Irish pub out here. We ate, and drank...a lot, (I've discovered Irish Car Bombs, a nifty drink with a bit of Guinness and a shot of Irish Cream and Jameson that you drop in), and I'm willing to bet I got properly goofy. And to top off dinner my very talented sister in law made me a Guinness chocolate cake..

It was delicious!! Cream cheese icing, Guinness and chocolate is a pretty good combination. Afterward, it was to the bookstore to spend some gift cards I'd gotten as a consolation for adding another year. I picked up Declan Hughes, Ian Rankin, (who I've never read but I've seen enough to be curious), Brian McGilloway, (who I've heard about),and a David Baldacci book I really like, among others. It was a good night.


seana said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Glenna!

As we've been talking about the McGilloway, I'm curious which one you picked up. I haven't found that there were any paperbacks available, but maybe I've missed something.

Glenna said...


I got Boarderlands, (the first one I think), and it is a paperback. I read the conversation about it and thought it was odd. I did notice on the back of it though there was pricing in pounds and for Canada, but not here, and, it was also Half Price Books that I picked it up, so who knows where the book actually came from.

seana said...

Oh, yeah, I think it's available in Canada--they seem to be more tied to British publishing in general. I'm sure people can get it through Amazon or other sources. Just didn't want to give misinformation about U.S. publishing. Thanks.