Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lee Childs Jack Reacher series

I'm really starting to like this series. I had the fourth book in the series, Running Blind, on audio for several months before I got around to listening to it fully, and it took me 2 tries to actually get into, and finish it. The first time, I think I got frustrated with one of the characters, or it moved to slowly so I gave it up, but the second time, I stuck with it, and found I got intrigued with where it was going. Since then, I've read the first 3 books, along with various other ones I could get my hands on for cheap. I'm liking them more and more, and I believe I'm getting a crush on Mr. Reacher..other then the fact he seems to lack a bit in the personal care area. If you haven't heard of the series, Jack Reacher is ex military police and basically now goes and does anything he wants. He has no possessions, no family, and no ties to anyone. He pretty much travels around the country as he sees fit while all sorts of scary and dangerous situations fall in his lap, and of course he always seems to have the skills to deal with them and save whoever needs saving. Jack Reacher seems to know everything, (especially guns), and knows how to do everything. He's a "man's man"...(Who needs Perry Mason?).

Lee Child's The Killing Floor (Jack Reacher series book 1)

Currently reading Tess Gerritson's The Keepsake


Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Ah, Jack Reacher, I have been wondering if I should give Lee Child a try. For whatever reason,I have been holding back, thinking that he might be too commercial. How would you compare the writing to say, Adrian McKinty's. Are the novels around 300 pages or more like 400, which will usaully let me know there is a lot of "fluff" included.

I tried reading a Tess Gerrtison novel, "The Surgeon" and although I finished it, didn't want to read anymore of her stuff.

Glenna said...

Hum, McKinty, to me, communicates in pictures, he doesn't really tell you directly, but you get a feel and a picture of things. Lee Child, tells you, but he doesn't over do it...except on guns, he tells you a lot about the guns sometimes. His books are around 350 pages long, and I wouldn't say there's a lot of fluff, but....it's hard to describe. I didn't like it a whole lot until I started getting into the main character and that helped, no I really like the stories. If you read his, start with maybe One Shot, or The Persuader. You don't really have to read his in order because Jack Reacher is really the only returning character in the books.

As for Tess Gerritson, I wasn't big on The Surgeon either, I didn't like Jane Rizzoli, but as the books go on, she mellows and the stories get a lot better. Vanish is a really good one, and Body Double.

Also, J.D Robbs In Death Series is my personal favorite, and they don't slow down. But you have to read them in order or they don't make much sense.

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Thanks. I think I'll start with "One Shot". Stephen King referd to the Reacher novels as "manfiction". I'll keep J.D Robbs in mind too. Re: "The Surgeon". Razzoli was super annoying to me and her constant use of the term "Coup de Gras" really got under my skin.

Glenna said...

Yeah, Stephen King about nailed it as Jack Reacher, the main character in the Child novels, is pretty much as "man" as it gets.