Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tess Gerritsen's The Keepsake

The last few Tess Gerritsen novels I've read I really liked, but this one, not so much. The story was about a guy that was preserving/mummifying women in order to collect them forever, and Rizzoli and Dr. Isle have to figure out the who, how and where of it. For some reason however, it just didn't "hold" me, even though it sounded interesting. It was more like what I would expect to see on Criminal Minds than a Tess Gerritsen novel, in fact, I could almost picture Dr. Spencer Reid walking in the bogs explaining things. I have to admit though, there was some interesting random facts about how mummy's and shrunken heads are done...

Random fact I learned in this story - I'm not sure I remember exactly how it's done, but shrunken heads are basically made by making a cut down the back of the head and peeling the skin off of the skull. Then salt and some other stuff is rubbed on the inside to dry it out and it's set out to dehydrate. 3 rods are inserted in the lips to make holes and sometime later the holes are used to sew the lips together. Then the shrunken head is decorated with earring and whatnot and worn as a necklace as a sign of conquering. All of this is done over the space of a year with ceremonies.

I'm currently reading Lee Child's Without Fail.

The Keepsake

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